To receive your 30% Federal Tax credit, please submit after system installation with form below.


With most solar companies, all you need is your page 1 and 2 from your Home Improvement Contract. This is where your system size and 30% of total gross cost is identified. 

The year after residence is installed with solar, you can file for the 30% Federal Tax credit with your yearly Federal submission. 

Springtime Federal Tax Credit submission is standard. If you do not have the full liability in year one, the Federal Tax Credit can be attained over multiple years.

File for Federal Tax Credit with your tax expert or if you do it yourself look here:

Turbo Tax explains detail on just how the solar tax credit works.

Rule of thumb is that your next 4 years of electricity will be paid for with the Federal Tax Credit. Why rent when you can own for less. Depending on your family's goals, you may keep the tax credit or apply it towards your solar loan securing a lower fixed monthly electric cost.

How the 30%solar Tax Credit works and what’s Changing