These Are Very Recent Climate Facts.

2014-2017 The 4 Hottest Years Ever Recorded So Far


December, 2017 Interactive Climate Update.


How Americans Think About 

Climate Change, 

in Six Maps

MARCH 21, 2017

"Americans overwhelmingly believe that global warming is happening, 

and that carbon emissions 

should be scaled back. 

But fewer are sure 

that it will harm them personally".


As Greenland Melts, 

Where’s the Water Going? 

DEC. 5, 2017

"Each year, Greenland loses 

270 billion tons of ice 

as the planet warms. 

New research shows that 

some of the water 

may be trapped 

in the ice sheet"...

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California Is Leading From The Front Edge Of The World.


"In late 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed landmark legislation regulating the state’s energy sources—setting a 2030 deadline to get half of the state’s electricity from renewables".

November, 2017- "…to be exact, 

a full decade ahead of schedule… 

A report released Monday from the California Public Utilities Commission shows that the state will get half of its electricity 

from renewable energy 

sources, including wind and solar, 

very soon—
by 2020"