"I HAVE TOO MUCH ENERGY" ...said nobody ever.



20 year loan most popular plan in 2017-2019 for me as an energy consultant:"Bill Gurgol"

  • Q: When is money saved?… 
  • A: After you save it. 20 Year Loan offers immediate monthly savings, Day one. Strong difference even after you keep tax credit. 
  • Home Value (ENERGY INCLUDED) Perspective anyone? 
  • Finish line re: electricity costs.
  • Solar loans have only grown in popularity in the last few years after banks recognized success and popularity of leases previously.
  • Go Solar In Dublin, CA!:-) 

$57 electric bill in 2014?...
Rate increases have raised the same 415 kWh monthly to over $100 in 2018.



*  Get the best  yearly and  bi-yearly PRODUCTION GUARANTEE


  • Pay less.  
  • Fixed cost. 
  • Choose 2-2.9% yearly escalator or no escalator. 
  • Does not show on credit report after initial check.
  • BUDGET: Know what next month's bill will be exactly .

SIMPLE SOLUTION with system that is insured and warranted.

Also, every now and then a family cannot utilize the tax credit. 

This is rare. 

It may be a retired senior, low income homeowner or church, multi-millionaire, etc… 



6-8 Years is typical projected ROI. Bigger bills will happen faster.

What should be considered when factoring ROI?...

  1. Tax Credit will give you NET cost. You would never achieve this tax credit unless you went solar. 
  2. 6.8% yearly average rate incease with PG&E over time. See historic rate increases on our Tariffs page.
  3. Every dollar given to utility is rent money. Solar is an investment in your future. Home value studies have proven day 1 is the real ROI. Reality is you just quit renting. You are now no longer at the mercy of rate increases. One less variable in your family's financial well being. Homes with solar continue to sell faster and for more money...

5-25 Year Loan


Fastest finish line. lowest interest rates.  This ensures 25 - 40+ years worth of electricity cost gets eliminated quickly.

Higher monthly payments compared to 10 year / 12 / 15 / 20 /25 years. Each payment type raises interest rates as payoff period extends. Longer you pay less monthly NOW...

Power Purchase Agreement


Pay less for each kilowatt hour generated. Generally viewed as little to no risk.

  • PPA balances monthly expenses organically.
  • Option to buy at "Fair Market Value". Eliminates risk.
  • Lower yearly cost per kWh.



  • Property Assessed Clean Energy  loan 

does not rely on credit score. 

  • Use your home equity to secure solar loan. 

  • Only available in certain counties approved by local jurisdictions.