"I HAVE TOO MUCH ENERGY" ...said nobody ever.



20 year loan is the most popular plan in 2017/2018.

  • Q: When is money saved?… 
  • A: After you save it. 20 Year Loan offers immediate monthly savings, Day one. Strong difference even after you keep tax credit. 
  • Finish line to electricity costs.
  • Solar loans have only grown in popularity in the last few years after banks recognized success and popularity of leases previously.



*  Get the best  yearly and  bi-yearly PRODUCTION GUARANTEE


  • Pay less.  
  • Fixed cost. 
  • Choose 2-2.9% yearly escalator or no escalator. 
  • Does not show on credit report after initial check.
  • BUDGET: Know what next month's bill will be exactly .

SIMPLE SOLUTION with system that is insured and warranted.

Also, every now and then a family cannot utilize the tax credit. 

This is rare. 

It may be a retired senior, low income homeowner or church, multi-millionaire, etc… 



6-8 Years is projected ROI for most. 

Studies have proven day 1 is the real ROI. 

Reality is you just quit renting. You are now no longer at the mercy of rate increases. One less variable.

  • In Dublin, CA: 

For the same amount of electricity, that was a $60 bill in 2014, rate increases have driven it over $100 in 2018. 

Homes with solar continue to sell 

faster and for more money.

5 Year Loan


Fastest finish line. lowest interest rates.  This ensures 25 - 40+ years worth of electricity cost gets eliminated quickly.

Higher monthly payments compared to 10 year / 12 / 15 / 20 /25 years. Each payment type raises interest rates as payoff period extends.

Power Purchase Agreement


Pay less for each kilowatt hour generated. Generally viewed as little to no risk.

  • PPA balances monthly expenses organically.
  • Option to buy at "Fair Market Value". Eliminates risk.
  • Lower yearly cost per kWh.



In most cases, this option is the ABSOLUTE LOWEST MONTHLY !

Best parts of lease, loan, PPA HYBRID!