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  • PG&E Tariffs

$57 of electricity in 2014 ...

now costs over $100...

2014 Rates

Tier 1   

13 cents

Tier 2  

15 cents

Tier 3  

32 cents

      As of January 1st, 2020...

Tier 1

24 cents/kWh

Tier 2

30 Cents/kWh

High User 

52 Cents/kWh

... PG&E  SOLAR TOU aka Time Of Use coming soon...

Cents Per kilowatt hour above.

(rounded to nearest penny)

Let the experts be experts sharing facts regarding history, present and you decide the future. We will be happy to share knowledge learned while helping thousands of Northern California residents. Whether you are looking for rooftop solar in Dublin, CA or solar power in Sonora, CA, The Solar Bill Review Team will answer questions on PG&E NEM, PG&E tariffs, PG&E NEM or any solar Topics.

1 PG&E RATE INCREASE so far in 2020...


See factual evidence of how many 

Rate Increases in the last 10 years.

Let PG&E Tariffs tell you why to go solar.

Now, you can get paid for helping.


Solar stabilizes the grid 

by supplying energy to grid 

when it is needed most. 

See 5% capacity mentioned above left. 

It is roughly 100 years old 

grid system. 

When we continue paying retail rates to rent electricity, we act as traditional consumers. In this role, you will constantly place consumption demands on the grid and have only one exclusive method of receiving energy. You are paying Retail Rates. Save money by eliminating extra transmission fees and most distribution fees when you draw energy from your quiet and clean mini-energy factory on your rooftop. 

  • PG&E will only charge $10 for distribution when you go solar.

  • Without solar, you will contribute towards rising rates as you continue to draw from the far less efficient, environmentally unfriendly emergency supply of electricity on the hottest days.

  • Time Of Use Rate Plans will help prevent blackouts. This is expected to help prevent greater draw of emergency dirty power when demand becomes excessive on the grid. 

THE PG&E NEM VIDEO... Net Energy Metering defined in 2+ minutes... MUST WATCH!


 Click above for PG&E NEM VIDEO

Above short 2+ minutes from PG&E explains NET ENERGY METERING.

  1. NET ENERGY METERING allows the PG&E solar subscriber to use the grid as a virtual battery, but pays interest with Time Of Use trading. 
  2. We deposit electricity into the grid when it is not being consumed. Electricity being produced by solar and not immediately consumed is credited to the Net Energy Metering account. 
  3. The solar subscriber is credited real value for the time of day and season when the electricity is deposited into the grid. 
  4. At night, or rainy days, when no electricity is being produced from solar, the solar subscriber buys units of electricity back from PG&E for normal price.*
  5. At the end of each month, solar customer receives a NEM Statement.  This shows debits or credits in Peak and off peak hours.

· Non-Bypassable Charge of 2 cents/kWh is added to NEM 2.0 subscribers when buying back.

 Time Of Use movement:

No need to fear over-sizing your system in CCA areas... Community Choice NEM is Better!

Net Energy Metering with MCE pricing Solar Bill Review

  At the end of the year, solar over-production is worth more with Community Choice Companies such as MCE. Above is what is paid out rather than the 3 cents PG&E offers post yearly true ups.

A Limited Number Of Families Will Be Grandfathered Into NEM2 For 20 Years!




"Customers will remain on the NEM2 tariff for 20 years from the year of the original approval from PG&E to interconnect and operate their system"

Solar Installation in Dublin, CA

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PG&E Is Moving To More Renewable Energy!



PG&E is one of the most Renewable Energy Friendly Corporations In The USA. 

EVA TOU Rate Plan and NEM2 are both independent limited time grandfather opportunities. 

  • PG&E allows us to sell electricity rate off value at a profit. You will pay far less for fuel to travel on a daily basis.
  • It is very easy to plug in at night and unplug with a full charge in the morning.
  • PG&E is still offering a $500 rebate in addition to the state rebate of $2,500 and Federal Tax credit of up to $7,500 when you purchase an EV (as of 2/1/2020).