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Year View

The PGTrue Up Bill is the solar utility statement that you receive after a 12-month billing period. The True Up Bill calculates all the cumulative energy charges, credits, and compensation for an entire 12-month period. 

You may be entitled to compensation, if your solar panel system produced more energy than you consumed over that 12-month billing cycle. If a balance is due after all credits and charges are reconciled, the amount will appear on the True-Up statement.

This is the Gurgol family’s actual true up bill from October 2016

2016 End of the year, True Up in Dublin, CA


This is what we were billed for the electricity we consumed above and beyond our solar production for the year.

Net Usage (kWh) represents the electricity our family used above and beyond our solar.

Once yearly, we receive a true up bill which nets out previous 12 months from when we received Permission To Operate. This is also referred to as our NEM Statement in Dublin, CA.

Month View

With solar, an accurately designed system will overproduce electricity during summer months so you can buy back the electricity back in winter on rainy days and when it gets dark early. Solar customers can produce as much as 4 times as the electricity from solar in summer compared to winter.

 Time Of Use Rate Plan allows us to:

  • Produce the most electricity during the season when electricity is most valuable.
  • Be credited for energy at higher summer rates and
  • Buy back in winter when rates are lower.
Gurgol family's Monthly Bill

Day View

Time Of Use Rate Plan with solar allows us to:

  • Buy low. Sell higher and buy back lower.
  • Bank energy during the day when rates are higher.
  • Buy back at night when rates are lower.

Time Of Use Rate Plan A:

  • Since 2017 and still true as of July 1st, 2019, usually recommended for anyone without an EV.
  • Peak Hours energy is 42 cents as of 1/1/2020.
  • Above shows we were +3 kWh during Peak Rate Hours of 3PM-8PM weekdays.
  • On this day, we bought the energy back at night for a lower cost than we were originally credited.
  • Off Peak hours are 8pm-3pm weekdays at 35 cents weekdays and all hours on weekends and holidays.
Gurgol family's day bill