Sunpower by Solar Bill Review Team out of Rocklin, CA is a safe bet. Excellent customer service from start to finish. All-around great experience. Everyone I dealt with were responsive, courteous, efficient and professional, particularly Jon Landsman. Great people make any business successful and they certainly make Sunpower better. I definitely highly recommend them. They are simply outstanding. I certainly am very fortunate to have picked them.

Edwin Y

06/05/2019, 5 Stars

Solar Bill Review Team and especially their account administrator, Cindi Castro, are doing an excellent job. They started with a comprehensive review of our energy needs, including tons of helpful information in understandable language for us laypersons! The installers were prompt and professional. Solar Bill Review Team provides a dashboard that I can use to monitor our energy production myself. I highly recommend Solar Bill Review Team and Cindi Castro!


4/3/2019 , 5 STARS for Cindi Castro

Bill Gurgol is a very nice guy. His very informative and knows his stuff. I heard about Bill from my brother in law. He got solar done from him couple years back and he had no regrets. I called Bill, we sat down he explained me about the process how it works. I told him I need to get my roof done first then do solar. He recommended me to couple of roofers. Had them come out. Picked the one I liked and went from there. I was very happy with roof work. After that had solar installed. Techs did an excellent job on the solar install. First I was skeptical, cause I seen solar panels installed on a roof and you will see a conduit going over the roof which they run electrical wire to connect to power panel. This guys did awesome job buy going through my attic. I dont see conduits on my roof from the streets. It’s so seamless. If I had any questions, Bill was text away. My first bill came and I was kinda lost. Bill came out to my house and explained me how the billing works and what to look for. After that it made sense to me. Overall I am really pleased with the choice I made. Thanks Bill!

Ron in Hayward, CA

3/11/2019, 5 Stars

SunPower fulfilled every expectation I had. Prior to finding SunPower, I researched several companies and was provided quotes. I was either faced with mediocre customer service, or a product that I wasn’t excited about. I have been very fortunate to connect with Jon Landsman, the gentlemen who is the Sales Manager in my area. Right out of the gate Jon was very professional, friendly and was wealth of knowledge to help educate me on the solar product I was looking for and received. Throughout the process Jon’s communication was nothing short of outstanding. He made calls and sent texts to update me on next steps, and even stopped in to say hello during installation and completion, to ensure everything was in order as planned. In addition, Jon made sure that we were completely satisfied with the product I was getting. I found that SunPower was different than most solid providers; they are the manufacturer of the product, they are the installer, and they are the service provider after install. A complete package, rather than dealing with several vendors that would have one chase down liability in the event an issue were to arise in the future. Hats off to Jon and the SunPower Team!

Jon Landsman

5/30/2019, 5 Stars

Glenn Gerlach: FINALLY – could not be happier. After more than 4 years of study and consideration of rooftop solar and more than three competitive quotes I finally moved from analysis to action with the help of Bill Gurgol. Unlucky for Bill I had a LOT of questions and needed to understand how to balance my specific power needs compared to the “typical” solar buyer. I had high energy use from daily charging of my electric vehicle but was on the EV plan with PG&E so my overnight rates were $.11 kWH. It took some time to accurately map out my peak energy needs to optimize the best cost model. Bill took the time to make sure I had all the information I needed and the best system for my family needs. You will discover as I did that Bill is perhaps the most personable and professional seller you will ever meet. His patient and consultative manner was key in my decision to go with and recommend him to everyone exploring solar -even the reader of this recommendation. Bill has my cell number and he is free to give it you if you want to ask me a question about my experience with Bill and/or Solar as you come to your personal decision. G2

Thanks Glenn. I have to say I was not unlucky at all. It’s always an opportunity when I get to spend time with good people. One of the most memorable lines I’ve heard was our 2nd or 3rd sit before you went solar. You said… “You’re in the friend making business”. Nailed it. Yes.

Danville,CA Global Client Exec


“a hard working man with great work ethics and integrity”.

Rajat from Turo

12/4/2017, Went Solar In Dublin, CA,

This review is long overdue. For years my wife and I have wanted to go solar. We contacted a well-known solar company and were at the point of scheduling the installation, but we never felt comfortable with the high-pressure sales pitch of who we were dealing with. With that we decided to hold off and cancel until we felt we were ready.

A colleague at work told us about Bill Gurgol and how he was happy with his experience and his solar install. Bill reached out and we scheduled an appointment to meet. Bill was genuine, knowledgeable, and listened to all of our concerns and answered all of our questions. Bill is a guy who knows the industry and keeps up on the latest technologies. We were very impressed and immediately felt confident that this was the right way to go. He assured us that he would be with us every step of the way.

The team from Solar Bill Review not only designed a system that fits our production needs, but also made sure that it was aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The installers were very friendly and professional. The installers ran the wiring through the attic space so that we do not have any unsightly conduit showing on the rooftop.

The whole process from design to “permission to operate” was very fast and we were kept informed of every next step.

Bill continues to follow up and check in with us to make sure we fully understand how to read our new bill and make sure everything is running properly and optimized for best results. We love monitoring our panels to watch how much power they are producing. We are extremely happy with our choice to go solar with Bill Gurgol and Solar Bill Review Team to guide us through what could have been a very scary process.

Thank you, Bill and the Solar Bill Review Team!


Steve & Linda in Martinez, CA

08/19/2018, 5 Stars

Cindi is Intelligent and very knowledgeable about what she does for Sunpower. Definitely deserves 5 stars. Thank you, Robert A Biggins

Robert in Sonora

5/29/2019, 5 Stars for Cindi Castro

“We worked with Bill for getting Solar for our home. He did an amazing job working with us. I have never had anyone sit with me and explain to me what they are selling in the detail of what he did it in. He did not act like a salesmen and push me into anything, he made it clear if we were not ready that was ok. We did move forward and he was there every step of the way. In my opinion the best part was a month or two after we had the solar installed he came over and went through the bill with us. After he was done explaining it (about 20 to 30 mins later) he asked if we under stood, I said uh yeah. He replied no you don’t lets do it again. He spent the time going over everything until he was confident I understood and never was upset or in a rush. I have recommended Bill to many friends and will continue to do so in the future”.

Thank you Jeremy for your great testimony. You mentioned 1st year bill review.

Back when I 1st started in solar, I recognized the only complaints I ever heard were that 1) their company went out of business or 2) families were surprised by a true up bill and they forgot their rep’s name. I vowed to prevent this situation occurring with my clients. This is the basis for THE SOLAR BILL REVIEW TEAM. We partner with multiple installers. This way, the client never has all eggs in one basket.

The 1st bill review should take place within 3 months of going solar. This is can be beneficial to stretch savings and optimize rewards.I like to refer to it as Oz. of Prevention.

Surprise prevention business.Bill Review 1:

  • Confirms system performing typically above and beyond expectations.
  • You learn how to read your NEM bill.
  • We confirm you are on best recommended Rate Plan to trade energy with local utility company as they do change options.

Around month 10 is when we will casually check in yearly.

We identify if you are pending possible True up or if you have extra “use it or lose it” Energy. See you soon Jeremy! Thanks again for the kind words. Let’s Go Buffalo!

A Classic - Jeremy Smith


“Bill Gurgol knows his stuff. My wife and I installed solar at our home in Alamo. Bill helped us understand all the intricacies of the process and how the math really works. PG&E doesn’t make it easy, and the math behind selling surplus power back can be complicated. Bill not only showed us how that works, he has followed up two years in a row to sit with us and evaluate how our consumption has tracked and how to best take advantage of peak and surplus pricing for both use and generation. Bill cares about his customers and we are extremely satisfied with his customer care over the years”.

Sten C.

1/29/2018, 5 Stars

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