Set up a complimentary in home solar consultation

  • Our experienced consultants will help you make a most qualified decision on home solar installation. 
  • We will clarify how to read your electric bill. 
  • Consultant will make an expert recommendation for a system size to offset your last 12 months' consumption.
  • Based on your specific goals, we will add or subtract from this recommendation.
  • We will help you decide on your most ideal payment plan. It may be a no money down plan, such as a loan or even possibly a lease far less common these days. 

Sign contract

Almost all docs are completed online these days. At this stage, we will need a copy of your utility bill and we also need to identify if you have an HOA. Please do not worry about HOA if you live in California. We have a California "Rights To The Sun" state law. If your HOA does not approve within 60 days, it is considered an automatic approval by state law.

Site Survey

A member of our team will come out to your home and measure your roof. Surveyor will take pictures of support beams in attic, main electric panel and any possible shading factors.

Engineering and Design

Expert engineers will take the information provided by our surveyor and put together a final layout for your approval.

Sign Final Design

Once you approve your final design, we get the permit and schedule your home solar installation.


  • Most systems will take 1 day.  Larger systems may be an extra day or two. 
  • Once the system is installed, city or county inspector will approve as permitted for submission to local utility. 
  • In PG&E areas, whole  process, from signing to confirmed complete is typically 10-12 weeks when  starting  in  July  of  2019. Other municipalities may take 4 weeks more or longer.
  • Local utility will send a Permission To Operate email to you as customer.  
  • Within 3 months of install, a member of the Solar Bill review Team will come by for your 1st review. This is to confirm system performing to plan. Also, we will confirm best rate plan to trade electricity with utility.
  • YEARLY bill reviews should take place around 10 months post install. This allows us to prevent any surprises ahead with a possible true up bill. This will also be where we identify if you have extra electricity you may be able to consume....