EV’s Are Setting Record Sales Number!

Don’t Get an Electric Vehicle Without Solar

The popularity of Electric vehicles has grown more than ever this year! The leading EV’s brands are reporting new records when it comes to their productions and sales numbers. “Rivian has just released its quarterly electric vehicle production and delivery numbers for the second quarter of 2023, which turned out to be the best so far. (1)” “Tesla once again increased its global electric vehicle production and deliveries, reaching new record levels in the second quarter of 2023. (2)”

The Financial Times wrote that “shares in Toyota have risen 13 per cent since the company announced its solid-state batteries plan last month. (3)” The EV industry’s fast pass growth is now expected to surpass gas car manufacturing in the near future. “Toyota claimed it had made a “technological breakthrough” to resolve durability issues and ‘a solution for materials’ that would allow an EV powered by a solid-state battery to have a range of 745 miles and charging time of 10 minutes or less. (3)”

With this growth in EV’s popularity, the demand for public charging stations could cause longer wait times. However, by charging your electric vehicle from your home solar panels, you can save money and time. If the electricity comes from your panels or home battery storage system, then the electricity is no longer a separate expense. In addition, by charging at home you will have more flexibility with your time and be able to start each day with a fully charged car battery.

The Solar Bill Review Team will help create a system that can power your vehicle and home. Switching from fossil fuels to solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money! Contact us for more information.

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