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We coordinate an experienced team of home solar consultants, engineers, project managers, installers, and support staff. All of whom are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. Learn more about the our process.

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We offer backup power battery installation for residents who want the ability to control their energy usage,reduce peak-time charges, and maximize your use of solar. Home backup battery storage helps you reduces your reliance on the grid.

A cartoon of a man with a hat and cane.

We offer maintenance and repairs for solar panel systems, as well as some of the best warranties in the business. SunPower offer a Complete Confidence Warranty for 25 years and is the only warranty to cover your whole system.

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Solar Bill Review Services

Solar Bill Review is a solar consumer advocate team providing the design, permits, installation, inspections, and connection with your utility company. A Solar Bill Review team member will walk you through our process and go over your energy bills to annualize what products you will need to insure long-term reliability. We offer a variety of payment options to suit your needs and insure the most cost-effective option for you. Once your solar is installed, we will help you analyze your bill to confirm whether your system is performing as planned and provide a guide to receiving the Federal Tax Credit for Solar.