Electricity Bill Reviews

What To Expect During a Pre-Solar Electricity Bill Review

Our experienced consultant will ask questions to identify if and why going solar will be a good fit for you and your family. Reasons typically include the following:

· Saving Money

· Predictability

· Control

· Home Value

· Home Energy Storage / Back up Power

Preparing for Energy Consultation – Electricity Bill Review

Click here to find and download your historic consumption data from PG&E.

Together, we will read and diagnose a solution for your electric bill

Together, we will read and diagnose a solution for your electric bill. Specifically, we will discuss how your PG&E bill will change for the better once you go solar and switch to Net Billing Tariff. We will show how SOLAR + Storage offsets the most expensive energy throughout the year.

We will look at options and make a recommendation for a panel type, inverter type, and mounting hardware for your roof type that is most impenetrable. We will review warranties and long-term insurance with production guarantee.

Together, we will sculpt the ideal rooftop panel layout for a solar solution which will cover your historic as well as your future consumption plans.

We will explore multiple options to you, regarding payment plans upon request… Together, we will discuss NO MONEY DOWN plans, such as the most popular PPA, Loans, Leases. And of course, cash is accepted as well.

When everything looks good to you, we will help you and your family join our family enjoying the greatest freedom and peace of mind in the energy business.

Are You Ready for Your Free Electricity Bill Review?

What To Expect During a Post-Solar Electricity Bill Review

We will keep in touch after installing your solar panels to make sure they work correctly, including returning within three months for an initial review and within a year for a follow-up review. We are committed to your success.

Within 3 months of the install, a Solar Bill Review Team member will contact you to schedule your first solar bill review.

You will now read your electric bill differently. It is possible to receive a $15 electric bill during the first few months and a higher bill later. We will prepare you for and help prevent unnecessary “gotchas.”

During your initial solar bill review, we will confirm your system is performing as planned and make sure apps are dialed in for optimum potential.

Yearly Solar Electricity Bill Review

Follow-up bill reviews will also take place around 9-10 months after install. This will allow us to prevent any surprises ahead with a possible true-up bill. Furthermore, this period is where we can identify if you have extra electricity you can consume.