Battery Storage Installation

Battery Storage Installation

Solar Bill Review’s solar battery storage installation process can be paired with a solar panel installation or as a separate installation. We offer Franklin, Enphase, and Tesla Powerwall battery storage options. Solar Battery Storage systems are designed to help manage your energy use, reduce peak-time charges, and to maximize the value of your energy exported back to the grid. Solar Battery Storage systems also function as a backup power supply and will keep the lights and appliances on, even when the grid power goes out.

Three refrigerators are sitting on the side of a building.

ENPHASE now has a 15 years warranty!

Get a battery installed for as little as $5,000 each.

  • Utilize Enphase solely for arbitrage
  • Pay a little more for backup power

Enphase is known for the industry standard and micro inverters. The Enphase IQ 5P offers two different types of battery solutions:

Optimize Your Solar Savings

Optimize your SOLAR savings without backup.

Maximize your energy bill savings by storing excess electricity generated from your solar panels during the day to power your home when utility company charges are the most expensive.

  • Boost your savings by maximizing your energy bill savings.
  • The Enphase iQ5P is the least expensive and very popular.
  • Load shifting allows you to store energy from overproduction hours. You may be able to get 3 kWh for every two that you bank into your battery.
Click here for more information on arbitrage or load shifting
Backup Power During an Outage

Backup power during an outage.

Requires additional equipment. Compared to other popular home storage batteries, Enphase is less expensive for storing power in case of an outage.

  • These batteries are stackable, making it easier to start having backup with Enphase.
  • 15 Years Warranty due to LFP, widely recognized as the safest.
  • DC roundtrip efficiency is 96%.
Click here for more information on backup power

Powerwall Battery System

Tesla Powerwall

Powerwall is an integrated battery system that stores your solar energy for backup protection, so when the grid goes down your power stays on. Powerwall is a compact home battery that reduces your reliance on the grid by storing your solar energy to use when the sun isn’t shining. With easy installation and a minimalist design, Powerwall complements a variety of home styles and solar systems.

Current Timeline for an Install: 6-10 Weeks

*If electric panel needs to be upgraded this can change the timeline drastically. Timeline may fluctuate based on local utility availability.

A cartoon of a man with a hat and cane.
A cartoon of a man with a hat and cane.
A cartoon of a man with a hat and cane.
A cartoon of a man with a hat and cane.

From New York to Hawaii, this video was filmed at San Francisco 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium in California.

Franklin Energy Storage

FranklinWH Home Power

FranklinWH is focused on energy management solutions providing safety, reliability, and energy independence for homes. Franklin Home Power (FHP) is a whole-home energy management system integrating solar, battery, grid and generator power sources and managing them to optimize the safety, reliability, and efficiency of home energy.

Current Timeline for an Install: 12-16 Weeks

A cartoon of a man with a hat and cane.
A cartoon of a man with a hat and cane.
A cartoon of a man with a hat and cane.
A cartoon of a man with a hat and cane.