Standing Up to Shade

SunPower Designed For Life In The Real World

Solar panels regularly undergo partial shading, sticks, leaves, dust, and even bird droppings. Depending on which solar panel brand you use, will depict what will happens when a solar panel is shaded. For conventional panels, shading on just one cell can shuts down up to a third of the entire system.

For some brands, a shaded cell can lead to significant power loss. As solar panel cells become shaded, they can’t generate power in that cell and restrict power in the remaining string of cell. This makes it so the power generated can’t properly pass its unshaded neighboring cells and instead the power dissipates, resulting in additional power loss for the entire panel.

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SunPower panels are more efficient than conventional panels by not interfering with the power in the remaining unshaded cells. SunPower technology has built in protection for each cell, allowing for consistent power production even when a cell or multiple cells in a string are experiencing shade.

This means that the shade that effects a small portion of the panel SunPower cells is the only cells that are affected. The generated power can then flow between the other cells in the panel. SunPower’s exhaustive testing ensures that their systems perform consistently hassle free for well over 25 years. When it comes to experiencing shade, SunPower panels have a larger percentage of the solar cells in a string operating then the conventional panel.

SunPower, standing up to shade! Panels that are designed for the real world.

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