Certainty Alas…

Here is Certainty… Today the sun shines… A smile feels good Solar saves!… by Earnest Hellaweights… #Californiaboy

A yellow star with the words " when fear destroys, when fear doubts, and fear attacks ," love.

Love is effortful

The anxiety of uncertainty seems to be the prevalent theme in the world today, and it’s understandable. We are all collectively living in a historic and unprecedented time in human history. However, there is plenty of positives to take away from all of this if we stop to consider…

The first thing that this time has taught me is that it’s ok to slow life down and relax sometimes. I know that myself and probably millions of other of my fellow humans on the planet are often guilty of trying to accomplish so much so fast that we often aren’t taking the time to enjoy what our efforts have brought us. We get caught up in the ‘make as much money as you can, as fast as you can’ mentality that we sometimes can overlook what we are really working so hard for our loved ones. This forced down time on much of the workforce is hard on a lot of us, but it is also a wonderful time as well if we choose to see it differently. We are being told to stay home with our families and not to go out and have any outside distractions away from them. There are more movie and game nights together. More wrestling matches with the kids, pillow fights, bike rides and couch forts… 

There are more late-night conversations with significant others that share our thoughts and fears, hopes and dreams. These are some of the things that are happening in households across the country now that I feel were being overlooked in the rat race of capitalism that often consumes the population. While we all need money to feed and take care of our families, the drive to achieve it was never meant to replace the time spent with them. So, being forced to slow it down together with each other as a family, in my opinion, is a blessing. 

The second thing that I am taking away from our current situation is the reminder that you should never take anything for granted. While we all know that life is fleeting and that things will come and go throughout the various stages of it, I’ve found myself truly missing many of the simple things that I took for granted. One of those things that I truly miss so much is sports. I really miss the NBA…

…and not having a baseball season is agony for me and I’m sure many other people around the nation. I also miss going out to eat with my family and friends and going to the movie theatre. I miss music concerts and having drinks with friends. The crazy thing is even my kids are starting to miss going to school! So, another positive takeaway of this is that once the world returns to some sort of normalcy, because I believe it will, we all should have more of an appreciation of some of the simpler things that we all enjoyed doing before.

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Another positive out of all of this is that it has brought a stark reminder to all of humanity that we really are all in this together. All of us, together. We all live on the same planet and tend to forget that we are all made up the same genes and human emotions. If we can all band together and do our part to defeat this menace to our species, it should bring citizens and world leaders that much closer to recognizing the commonality of our kind, and that the differences we all have should not be the focal point. The focal point should be the commonality we all share. 

With the instability of the current situation, many of our customers have put their solar exploration and consults on hold while the situation works itself out. This is completely understandable, as our company itself is aware of the uncertainty and instability of the nation right now, and we share in your concerns about what the future may hold for all our fellow countrymen. But we must continue to remain positive and optimistic that we will overcome this and be back to our regular routines very soon. Once it does, we should be more aware of each other and should be more aware of showing more kindness to each other. When a salesman knocks on our door, it should not be irritating and an excuse to be rude to a stranger. We should recognize that it’s just another human being doing their job to support their family and attempting to help some potential customers with a need they may have. If there is no need, then how about a nice ‘no thanks, we are not interested at this time’ instead of being short and acting like the salesman just ruined our whole day by trying to do his job? Because while their offer may not be right for you or your family at the time, it may be right for one or more of your neighbors in your community. We should not be the person who is trying to discourage him or her from continuing to do their job because their offer was not right for us, because all things considered, getting up off of the couch to answer the door was not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. 

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Truths of life… The sun is shining. A smile feels good. Solar Saves.

The world will return to normal at some point, and our customers will still be wanting to help the environment or be looking to save money, maybe more so now than ever after coming out of this. Our business and many others will be there to support each other when it does. So, let’s all remind ourselves that when you consider the bigger picture, we all have something to offer each other. Whether it be knowledge, compassion, empathy, services, or just a kind word. We are all the same humans sharing the same planet, and we need to take care of not only the planet, but of each other. Together.

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