Consumption vs. Production

Electrical Production that is Designed for You

To create a solar panel and battery system to suit all your needs, it is important to determine the electrical consumption needed to power your home. Knowing your Consumption vs. Production can help us to design a solar panel system that can generate all of the electricity needed. It is important to consider not only your current, but also your future electrical consumption.

To counter the electricity consumed by your devices, and appliances, we will calculate all the Wattage being used. Appliances such as a dishwasher(1200W), gas water heaters(500W), and Central AC units(5000W) should be evaluated. In addition, if a homeowner intends to charge an EV(9600W) from their home solar panel system, this can impact their consumption dramatically.

Adding a battery storage to a solar system is a beneficial way to offset the homeowner’s consumption and electric bill. Batteries can store the excess energy being produced during times such as the middle of the day when the production is at its peak. Then when consumption demands increase, often in the evening, the excess energy that was stored in the battery can be consumed by the home.

The Solar Bill Review team can help you evaluate your electrical consumption and solar goals to build the system that best suits your needs. Contact us to learn more.

Finding PG&E Consumption Data

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