EV Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle (EV’s)

The three main ways to power an electric vehicle are public charging stations, the grid (utility companies), or residential solar panels. Public charging stations are a great option and there are many electric stations located around the United States. However, since connectors and charging types are not standardized, some research time is required when it comes to locating the correct type of stations, especially when traveling outside your local area. The general rule of thumb for driving long distances is to take a 15-minute break for every two hours of driving.

There are more charging stations than ever, but their prices are often more expensive than charging from your own home. While most electric vehicles may take over 4 hours to charge, some of the newer Tesla superchargers for EV’s will charge 150 miles in 15 minutes. “Tesla owners have access to the largest high-speed network of DC fast chargers, the Supercharger network, which also happens to be the easiest to use because of the brand’s vertical integration. But that doesn’t mean that Tesla owners won’t benefit from access to high-speed DC fast chargers on other networks.” (1)

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“The administration wants fast chargers – what’s known as level 3 chargers, or direct current fast chargers. DC fast chargers can nearly replenish a car’s battery in 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the vehicle.” (2) These electric stations are supposed to become as accessible as gas stations, so EV users no longer need to put in as much thought to their long-distance travels. “The federal government will spend $5 billion dollars to build 500,000 chargers. The money will go to states, who have until late summer to submit their plans to the federal government.” (2)

The investment in EV charging stations will not only impact the distance electric vehicles can travel, but where they can travel. Currently, Tesla’s has the largest charging station network but once the 500,000 universal stations are installed, that will change. These changes will make room for new EV companies, like Lucid, who is offering new customers three years of unlimited free charging at Electrify America stations. We are looking forward to seeing how these changes grow and improve the Electric Vehicle market and are here to help you get the most out of your EV.

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