Are you considering solar power equipment but unsure what choice to make? You want quality solar equipment that is highly efficient and worth the investment. 

SunPower solar panels are growing in popularity and have exceptional efficiency and performance. They are leaders in the solar power industry for their aesthetics, top performance, and warranty.

If you’re searching for the best solar equipment out there, look no further. Here’s why SunPower solar equipment outshines the competition.

Superior Technology

SunPower’s maximum energy begins with ultra-pure silicon used to create a patented anti-reflective glass. This soaks up sunlight and provides a sleek aesthetic for the homeowner.

SunPower panels allow the light to bounce back to the panels as they harvest as much of the sun’s power as possible. These panels don’t rely solely on visible light. 

They have the capacity to collect more ultraviolet and infrared light than any other solar panels available. Even on cloudy days, SunPower panels can generate more power than any other panels on the market.

Their interdigitated contact technology allows all the wires to be placed behind the panel. This technology helps prevent power loss during shaded times.

Long-Lasting Durability

SunPower is the gold standard for durability and efficiency. The industry standard loss rate for panels is about 0.8% per year. SunPower panels have a loss rate of around 0.1% per year (National Renewable Energy Labratory in Colorado).

SunPower panels also have a patented solid copper foundation. This helps them operate efficiently through rain, wind, snow, and other weather conditions.

SunPower’s ultra-pure silicon, light-trapping glass, and Maxeon solar cell technology help make SunPower panels 30% more energy efficient than conventional panels. This allows SunPower to offer the best warranty of any solar equipment company in the industry.

Company Stability

Over 37 years, SunPower is a global leader in solar technology. It’s also the top installer of solar systems for home and business owners. As a publicly traded company, SunPower’s majority share holder is TotalEnergies SE who is the fifth largest energy company in the world (based on revenue statistics from STATISTA as of 9/1/2022). Total has been in business for over 100 years and never had a company go out of business.

Every aspect of a SunPower system is created to work together for maximum efficiency. SunPower has joined forces with Maxeon Solar Technology, the research arm of the company.

This partnership allows SunPower to design its top solar panels and ensure homeowners receive the best product on the market. SunPower is constantly evolving and looking for new ways to design and deliver the best solar equipment to homeowners.

Top-Notch Installation

SunPower knows that every home has a unique orientation to the sun. That’s why every solar power system must be unique.

SunPower has an excellent dealer network. These suppliers can tailor the solar equipment to each home’s PV system for maximum energy efficiency.

SunPower Elite dealers are expert dealers within communities. They set the standard for installation, training, and building a solid rapport with SunPower customers.

SunPower systems are proven to save you the most energy dollars over time. SunPower’s high-performing and highly reliable technology provides energy efficiency for the life of the equipment and helps reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Find out how SunPower technology can benefit you. Contact a SunPower solar equipment supplier for details.

Solar Panel Efficiency 

Early solar panels had about a 6% efficiency rate. That means only 6% of the energy reaching the panels was converted into alternating current electricity. Even today, the most efficient residential panels only convert 22.8% of energy at best.

SunPower panels far exceed most conventional panels available today. With efficiency ratings of 19 to 22%, SunPower panels provide various benefits for today’s homeowners. These benefits include:

Lower overall Cost

SunPower solar panels have better power output than other models. This means you can use fewer panels which results in lower total costs. The lower yearly degradation as well as greater production in year one, make a big difference over the course of 40 years productive life. Most other solar has a life expectancy of 10-30 years.

More Power for Your Usable Space

High-efficiency panels provide greater energy with less space. This allows homeowners with limited roof space to still benefit from SunPower’s solar panels.

Greater Sustainability

High-efficiency panels save you energy dollars and help you lower your carbon footprint. Fewer panels mean less equipment and materials, reducing the energy and waste of your SunPower system. SunPower is also the only Cradle to Cradle award-winning solar company using zero landfills.

The SunPower Warranty

Most solar panel warranties only cover defective products and failed parts. SunPower offers a 25-year complete confidence warranty. It far exceeds the typical solar warranty.

All-In-One Product Warranty 

Systems built from various products from different manufacturers can lead to headaches when something goes wrong. The consumer may be passed back and forth between companies as they shift the blame for the problem. EG; inverter manufacturer may blame the panel manufacturer or installer wiring. With SunPower, it doesn’t matter if it is the inverter, the panel or skilled labor, you only have one responsible party.

SunPower’s warranty covers the complete system and ensures that the problem will be resolved in one place.

Removal and Shipping Costs

Most solar equipment warranties don’t cover the costs of removing or shipping damaged or defective parts. SunPower warranties ensure no extra charges for replacing panels or other system parts.

Power Protection  

The power production guarantee ensures your solar panel system will operate at 92% or more of its original power for 25 years. Conventional warranties can’t compare to SunPower’s power performance guarantee.

Best National Provider

Solar costs are often difficult for providers to predict. These costs vary depending on location, energy bills, and energy needs. Therefore, when you receive a SunPower quote, it may seem a bit higher than average.

SunPower focuses on efficiency. Purchasing the best, most energy-efficient panels in the industry will save you money in the long run.

Buy the Best Solar Equipment

There are many things to consider if you’re looking for the best solar equipment for your home. First, you want to buy your solar equipment from a company you can trust. 

SunPower leads the industry in quality, efficiency, and performance. They have a 30-year track record of solar innovation and design and manufacture their products.

The SunPower difference is in the design. It’s the gold standard for solar power systems. Solar Bill Review is proud to be an Elite dealer for SunPower systems.

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