Since 2017, Pacific Gas and Electric has been proven responsible for multiple wildfires. These wildfires have wreaked havoc on California and impacted consumers in many ways.

If you have solar power, these fires can also impact your solar power system. You might find that because of uncontrollable factors, your solar system production is reduced. 

The PG&E fires have led to the loss of lives, property, and more. In addition,millions of peoplehave lost power due to the fires that have ravaged the state. The Camp Fire was the most expensive natural disaster in 2018 and resulted in the death of 85 individuals. The 2020 wildfire season had a record-setting year of wildfires in California, contributing factors include climate change and arson.

Keep reading to learn more about the SunPower SunVault Storage System and how it can help reduce the impact of wildfires on your access to electricity.

Impact of the PG&E Fire

Last year (2021), the Dixie Fire ravaged California. This fire burned close to one million acres and destroyed over 1300 buildings. 

The Dixie Fire was the second-largest fire in California’s history. What caused it? Power lines from PG&E received the blame.

Other fires they’ve been blamed for include the Kincade Fire (2019) and Shasta Fire (2020). The company has been hit with lawsuits that have forced them to file for bankruptcy and only recently came to an agreement for a settlement of 55 million dollars for the Dixie and Kincade Fires…guess who gets to pay for that?

Despite that, PG&E continues to operate. The PG&E fire prevention measure put in place are meant to help, and part of that includespublic safety power outages.

How to Reduce the Impact of the PG&E Fires

The PG&E Fires have had a significant impact on California. In addition, power outages continue to affect residents. With the number of fires caused by this company, we’re seeing more and more the need to have systems in place that help prevent the risk. 

Solar panel installation is one option that can help keep your home powered when a public safety power outage occurs. However, what happens when the sun isn’t shining, or your solar system production gets reduced?

In those situations, you want to know that you’ll still have access to power. That’s where a SunPower SunVault Storage System comes into play. 

What is a SunPower SunVault Storage System?

SunVault Storage System is a new way to store solar energy. It is a battery system that can store solar energy for use when the sun is not shining. This system can help you save money on your electric bill, and it can also help you be prepared for power outages.

What happens when your solar system produces more energy than you can use? Many people have heard of the ability to export that energy back to the grid and potentially earn money.

That’s a great option, but what’s even better is the ability to take that energy and store it for later use. This helps in the case of a wildfire when the smoke prevents your system from producing enough power or in the instance when your power is cut off completely. It also helps in other situations when your solar system isn’t producing as much power as you currently need. 

The Benefits of a SunVault Storage System

There’s no denying that alternative energy options are expanding. This is great news as the world experiences more and more power outages due to natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and more. 

The SunVault Storage System comes with its own benefits that can help you stay powered around the clock. 

There’s an App

Have you ever wished that you control your system from the palm of your hand? Well, you can. 

You get total control of your systems with my SunPower app. With it, you can check your system’s performance, make real-time adjustments, and easily manage your settings.

Runs More Appliances

With the current economy, life is getting more and more expensive. During an outage, you want to trust that your fridge isn’t going to go out, leaving you with hundreds of dollars of spoiled food. 

The SunVault Storage System can run twice the number of small appliances other systems can during an outage. It can also handle power surges and run appliances well without causinga brownout.

These benefits are available because the SunVault Storage System has 40 percent more power. 

Hub+ Smart Panel

The Hub+ Smart Panel for the SunVault storage system makes it simple to connect electrically in your home. This smart panel also provides real-time information to your phone and oversees the operation of your battery. 

It also provides real-time insights into your storage, solar, and home energy use. 

Elegant and Simple Design

There’s no denying that solar batteries aren’t necessarily esthetically pleasing. They often take up a lot of space and don’t add anything to your interior design. 

Fortunately, the SunVault Storage System has a design that’s elegant and simple. There are not a bunch of extra boxes, and the design is minimalistic. 


Any type of solar system is an investment. However, it is costly. Knowing you are covered if something goes wrong can give you the peace of mind you need to make a smart investment for your home. 

This system not only runs cooler for longer life but it’s also covered by a SunPower warranty.

Get Your SunPower SunVault Storage System

The PG&E fires have wreaked havoc across California. It has changed things in many ways. 

Not only have the fires caused power outages, but public safety outages also impact your electricity. Having a backup solution, like SunPower Sunvault Storage System, can help ensure that you keep your house running. 

Are you ready to feel confident in your power solutions? Contact us today to get a free quote and find out how, with SunPower, your bill pay can get reduced.