Debunking Solar Myth: “Solar is a commodity!”

(Mounting Hardware Edition)

Last week, we discussed why solar should not be treated as a commodity and we briefly touched on the importance of choosing the right and good quality mounting hardware for you. In this blog, we will explain that in detail so you will not be in a penny-wise and pound-foolish situation.

Mounting hardware is integral to your overall rooftop system’s integrity. It is one of the most underrated aspects of a customer’s solar experience because it is mostly hidden under the solar panels. Many times, customers choose the cheaper option not ultimately realizing that their most important asset is at stake – their house.

What do you risk by not investing a little extra in your mounting hardware?

1. Leaking roof

When installing solar in your home, the integrity of your roof should NEVER be compromised. This is where the pennywise pound foolish part comes. You may think that you are saving money by going for the cheap mounting hardware, but you may end up spending far more once your roof starts leaking 10-15 years down the road.

2. Mold in your roof, or worse, a damaged roof

Over the years, water seeps through an improper flash penetration, leading to mold requiring costly removal and remounting of solar away and possibly even a new roof.

What are your options?

As your Solar Consultant, it is our job to think about what can happen down the road. We want to give you the greatest peace of mind. Whether you have plans of selling the house in the near future or not, installing the highest quality mounting hardware plays to your advantage. It will serve as great ammunition for your realtor when it is time to brag about the top-quality solar panels and mounting hardware you have in your house. As time goes by, the general public is getting more and more educated about solar. Sooner than later, the question of what type of mounting hardware was used in your solar system will be on the top list.

So, here is our recommendations:

1. InvisiMount

The SunPower® InvisiMount® mounting hardware is designed and engineered to pair perfectly with SunPower panels to deliver a premium, low-profile design that is as beautiful as it is innovative and powerful. InvisiMount addresses nearly all sloped residential roofs. It is simple and fast to install with its integrated module-to-rail grounding, pre-assembled mid and end clamps, and levitating mid clamp for easy placement.

A cartoon of a man with a hat and cane.

2. QuickMount PV

With 13,000,000 mounts installed and zero leak-record, QuickMount PV remains one of the best options for mounting hardware in the market. The IronRidge Racking® and QuickMount® mounting hardware is designed using state-of-the-art technology to make roof-mounted solar easier to install, stronger and more reliable, and 100% waterproof. It works both on a shingle or on a tile roof and is tested and certified to protect your home and support the solar racking system attached to it.

If you have a cement tile roof, utilizing the tile replacement option rather than the tile hook option is recommended. This is because the tile hooks can become noisy on a windy day. Meanwhile, the tile replacement is the absolute most leaked proof option to provide the greatest piece of mind. QuickMount® is based in Walnut Creek, California.

If you want to have a better understanding of how QuickMount PV works, check out this video:

3. Pegasus®

Pegasus® has a simple mounting design, comprehensive wire management, and a single socket for the entire job. It combines next-level efficiency with elegance and lifetime durability, making it simpler to manage, a breeze to install, and watertight for life. Pegasus® is based in Richmond, California.

Please note that most solar installers also only offer a 10-year roof warranty. However, if you get the best mounting hardware installed, it is warrantied for 25 years by the manufacturer.

If you want to have a better understanding of how Pegasus® works, check out this video:


All PV systems look similar to the untrained eye as the most critical parts of the installation are out of sight. You will only find out whether you picked the right solar contractor when: a) your system is on and is producing what your solar company promised you; and b) your roof have no leaks after 10 or 15+ years down the line.
In the next blog, we will discuss the importance of craftsmanship and picking the right contractor.
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