Debunking Solar Myth: “I can’t get solar because I have a metal roof!”

One of the most common reasons (a misconception!) that customers usually have is that they do not think they can get solar because of their metal roof. Before we bust this myth, let’s discuss what is a metal roof. Afterwards, we will explain to you why solar panels are suitable for metal roofs.

Metal roofing is a light, durable yet cost-effective material used to cover homes. Because of its ability to withstand great pressure from elements and low maintenance needed, it is often used nowadays with newer, modern constructions. For this reason, we recommend installing solar panels on your metal roof.

Like solar, metal roofing can be expected to last up to 30 years. This means that roof maintenance, additional construction, and weather issues are unlikely to affect the placement and stability of your solar panels. Solar panels also absorb the sunlight, therefore preventing the metal roof from becoming hot and ensuring a longer lifespan of your roof. Solar panels also maximize the cooling benefits of a metal roof.

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How can I install solar panels on my metal roof?

Solar panels will be guided by straddle blocks and mounting clamps to create a secure, parallel environment for well-placed solar panel adjustment. There are also many adjustments that can be done to form-fit the solar panels to the metal roof (e.g., installing metal tile rooftops to ensure the natural condition of your roofing & using standing seams to secure a solid fit and accelerate installation without sacrificing reliability or stability). It is also an option to install thin film solar on certain roofs like seam metal roofs. Thin film solars are easy to install and require much less energy to manufacture than silicon solar cells.

In sum, metal roofs and solar pair together to make an eco-friendly home. If you want to know more about installing solar in your metal roof, you can book an appointment with our experienced solar consultants.